Monday, March 08, 2010

This is the big topic of conversation down here.

I have had the heat on practically every day since I arrived in Florida three months ago.

Some days have been, not only cold but windy and that makes it feel all the colder. Some days we have had heavy rains, they don't last long but if you happen to be driving - there is no visibility.

Oscars 2010

The other day I saw Boston's morning temperature was 49 degrees - our morning temperature was 48 degrees!! Go figure!

If you bumped into me one day you would see me wearing a turtle neck jersey, denim jacket and pants, bump into me the next day you would see me wearing the same thing but I would have changed the jewelry! Some days when it is really cold I wear what I wore on the plane coming down to Florida.

Today I was finally able to shut off the heat and open the windows.

One good thing about the weather this season - at least when it rains, we don't have to shovel it!!


Wouldn't you know, the night of the awards this movie buff will not be home to see the awards.

Months ago I signed up with a group to go by bus to Fort Lauderdale for dinner and a show at "Lips."

The awards run so late I'll probably get home in time to see the major awards.

I won't be home to see the entire show BUT Steve and Carol will be there!!!

Oscars 2010

Steve was invited by Kodak to attend the event, sit in the bleachers and take photos of the stars as they walk down the red carpet!!!

Can't wait to see the shots that he'll take and hear all about the evening!!!!

Wow!!!!! What's next? Snow in Florida? When do you head home?

Love Steve's photos!!
Gee, must be good to get invited to take photos!! Wish someone would invited me. I was in Florida a few weeks ago and miserably cold. Like you I just wore the two winter outfits I had brought.
What a beautiful shot of Helen Mirren; one of my favorites. And any photo of George Clooney would be good, but to see two of them. Wow!

It's cold and rainy in Arizona, too. Maybe we need to go further south, Millie.
Enjoyed Steve's photos; the one of Mirren is fantastic!

I hope it gets warm for you soon, Millie. It was 65* here today; you must have been warmer than that!
What fun. I missed them too, and here they are just the way I would like to see them. :)
Love your posts, Millie!

Great Oscar shots! Saw everyone I was interested in represented in that slideshow.
Thanks, Steve & Carol!
I'll be going north the first week in April. I will probably warmer up there than what it has been here!

No matter what week you came down to Florida this winter it would have been cold. It was a no win situation. I even had the heat on this morning, just to get the chill out!

I don't know if going further south would have helped this winter - The weather was tough no matter where we were.

I loved those shots too. I was so excited for Steve and Carol to have had that experience.

I sat at the pool yesterday - there still was a chill in the air but it was sunny. Temp was flirting with 70.

Maggie and Maribeth
Glad you enjoyed the photos - me too!! I got home after eleven so I got to see the big winners.
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