Sunday, April 18, 2010
Freeze Milk for Emergencies

Millie shares her tip for keeping milk in the freezer in case of emergency!

Don't forget to stock up on chocolate!!!! And make sure your scrips are filled.
When my dad had surgery we made sure all of his favorites were moved to a height he could reach without reaching up or bending over.
Wish I'd had this milk tip then! Since I can only drink small amounts of milk at a time this will be a great help to me now.

Thanks Millie! I look forward to you every week.
1) Pick up one of those medicine divider containers that has 30 compartments. If you take your medications once a day you can then put together a month's worth of meds without having to open a lot of bottles each day. This is a huge timesaver.
2) In addition to your VNA services that you will probably be getting you should contact your local Elder Services office and find out what other possibilities there are for help and assistance while you are out of commission. They will have a lot of phone numbers to various services such as Meals On Wheels etc. and can save you a lot of time and research.
Maribeth -
When I lived in Israel my cousin in Haifa only drank milk in her coffee. At the time milk only came in 1 liter bags. She used to keep empty yogurt containers and would freeze her milk that way. The advantage for her, since she only used milk in the morning and afternoon coffee was that she was able to use all her milk up that way and it would defrost overnight. One thing to remember with the frozen milk is that some of the solids may separate giving you small little flakes in the milk. If they bother you, a few seconds in the blender will incorporate them back into the liquid.
Millie, check out they shop at Stop and Shop in the Boston area and deliver to you. There is a cost associated, but the up side is not having to rely as much on family and friends.
Hi Millie -
My Mom freezes an emergency supply of milk as well.

My tips:
Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Boston has excellent Senior Services available, includingthe program “Aging Well At Home”.

If you’re in Brookline, the Senior Center has lots of services, including coordinating with the local high school. Students volunteer to shop for seniors as part of their service projects.

Good luck with everything!
- Lee
Millie, I am glad to know that you are safely ensconced back in Boston. You have been given a lot of good advice - which I can't add to. I wish you good luck with your hip replacement; do what the docs and therapists say, and you'll be good as new!
That's a good idea for just about everybody, not those who only have a little bit in their morning coffee! I'm glad you're well and settled back into Boston life. :-)
My husband just had a new knee installed and we learned that the toilet railings were very helpful. They came home with him from the hospital via the orthopedic surgeon. So did the walker. Best wishes for success with your new hip.
Kay - Thanks Kay, added chocolates to my shopping list!

Maribeth - Good suggestion - I'll be putting all "my favorites" within easy reach.

Peter - Right now I have three containers but one that holds a 30 day supply is even better! Also I'll look into see what Elder Services offer in my area. Thanks for your ideas.

So many helpful suggestions - someone suggested Pea Pod for home delivery, I'll look into that too.

Judy & Peggy - Thanks for your good wishes.

Easy Diver Chris
Hope your hubby is doing well after his knee surgery - Good to know that what the patient needs is sent home with them.
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I am thinking about you and your coming surgery. Be sure to take a notebook with you so you can jot down items you need to have Steve get for you. You will need a grabber at home to reach things you drop (You will be told to not bend over). I wish I had known about having meals delivered because that was the hardest part for me after I got home (after my son left, that is.)

A toilet seat addition to make the seat higher is a must. Getting up from low seats is almost impossible. Also, borrow or buy, a shower stool. You will not feel like standing long enough to shower at first. Grab bars are a good safety addition.
Do take care with this coming surgery and know that a lot of people are wishing you well.
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Do you have a recliner chair that automatically lifts you out of it? We got my mom one after her hip replacement - it's crucial because you won't want to strain to push the chair from a reclining position.
Apart from making sure you can reach into your freezer without violating your hip precautions - you might need to think about how you're going to move things around if you're on crutches. I was given a very sturdy trolley that did me fine. It was easy to use and strong enough to be allow me to rest lots of weight on it
Hey, thanks for posting this video! Learned much from it. :)
She's really cute :) You can also freeze a loaf of bread and only grab out a few slices each day that you'll actually use. Good way to stretch a loaf of bread :)
I usually freeze small pieces of cheese. A small piece will take very little time to be at room temperature and it saves me the temptation of eating large pieces (I love cheese) ;)
I think I'd stock up on paper plates, disposable cups, and plastic spoons and forks, I know they aren't earth friendly, but it would eliminate the need to rinse and load the dishwasher, just toss after you're done eating. I think I'd load little snack bags with your favorite snacks (pretzels, chips, nuts) and fill a basket next to your favorite chair so you don't have to go to the kitchen, and I think I'd put bottles of water in handy places so if you get thirsty you will have water handy, I don't mind drinking room temperature water when I'm really thirsty. Oh yeah, I think I’d scatter a few extra waste baskets around so you don’t have to go to far to toss your tissue or paper plate. That’s all I got, good luck with your surgery! Oh, by the way, I found you because I always read your daughter’s blog! I’m from Arizona!
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