Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last week I wrote about my various household items breaking down. I was expecting a visit from Comcast to see if they could find out why my TV's were acting up. My wooden window shades needed to be repaired or replaced - well this is what happened:

I took a close look at my shades (twelve years old) and realized that they are in really bad shape and should be replaced. I'll just have to "go for it" and buy new ones.

I lucked out when it came to the TV's.

The day that Comcast was scheduled to come I had my maintenance man come over to see if he could figure out what the problem was.

It so happens that the day before the TV's broke down I had a new housecleaning person do some vacuuming for me.

He looked, looked and looked some more - found that the cleaning person had UNPLUGGED an outlet so he could connect the vacuum cleaner and never reconnected it!! That solved that problem, so quick like a bunny I called Comcast and cancelled the visit!!

Now for what is really on my mind.

I could blog about three good movies I've seen recently.

"The Town", "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" and "Secretariat." They were all worth seeing but I have other things on my mind!

I could blog about attending classes at a local Temple: Imagination: Inside The World Of Marc Chagall. Learning a lot about the artist I never knew but I have other things on my mind!


I'm a creature of habit - My typical Sunday goes something like this:

Get up.

Go to the computer, check my messages and see what's new.

Go to the front door and take in the newspaper - separate the various sections, toss the ads I'm not interested in.

Have breakfast.

Read the Globe North, Arts, Movies, Metro, Business and World news sections.

This morning was different: when I saw the Arts section there was a huge write-up and picture of Don Draper (played by John Hamm on Mad Men).

Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm on "Mad Men") joins a select list of TV antiheroes.

Going deep. We know these TV men (and yes, it's always men) inside and out:
The fourth season of “Mad Men’’ ends tonight, and I feel as though I’m a therapist bidding farewell to client Don Draper.

The 2010 run of episodes has been a twisty journey into the psyche of a complex man, a long and detailed answer to the big question that opened the season: “Who is Don Draper?’’ With each new gorgeously written and acted hour of the AMC series, we’ve learned more and more about this dark survivor, a guy who always gets pushed up against the wall and always climbs out.
I said, the heck with breakfast, I have to read what Matthew Gilbert has to say.

Just yesterday in the Critic's Corner he wrote," I really, really, really don't want it to end."

That's exactly how I feel!

On the East Coast Mad Men is on at 10:00 pm.

Ordinarily I would put the lights out by ten o'clock, but I HAVE to stay up to see the show.

Then what happens is I go to and read the comments about the show I just watched. I give myself a time limit and call it a night at midnight.

The next morning I get on the phone with a friend of mine who is equally hooked. We talk about the cast as though they are real people.

Now, you would think that should be the end of it BUT some night during the week I go to ON DEMAND and see the show again. There is so much to observe on this show that when I see it the second time I catch something I missed the first time.

I'm thinking ahead now, what am I going to do next Sunday night at ten o'clock - how can I survive without "Mad Men?" I know, I know - I know - I'll go ON DEMAND and watch the old shows!!!

Are you hooked like I am?


AMC.TV: Season 4 Episode 13 - Open Thread

Perhaps some nice person will give you a DVD boxed set as a gift. . . .
I'm glad to know that your TV got fixed without a problem.

I watch Mad Men sporadically; usually when it is re-run during the week. I really like Brothers and Sisters, and hate to miss it.
I have learned to check connections and the fuse box or circuit breakers first when dealing with various household matter.

No addiction to Mad Men here -- although I may check and see if Netflix has the old ones and watch it in order.
Millie, thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I was so happy when I realized you are THE Millie of the great videos, Ronni's special friend. I'm adding you to my blog list.
It's totally down to you I became a fan of Mad Men. I'm a bit of a latecomer only having seen a rerun of series 1 and currently following series 4 here in the UK which is on about ep 5. Totally hooked though !
I am totally hooked!!! I love the show. I just KNEW Joan had kept that baby!
Hi Millie, It is Saturday night and I'm starting to feel a loss coming up on Sunday night. I will have to see an old show.... On Demand.
I feel I have lost my friends and their problems which seem so real to me.
I guess I am addicted to Mad Men.
I love your addiction! I guess I'm going to have to watch all the old shows.
Fantastic movie!
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