Sunday, October 10, 2010
For those of you who read last week's post about all the things that are breaking down at my place, take another look, see if you notice anything unusual about it.

Operating a hand drill at Vultee-Nashville, woman is working on a "Vengeance" dive bomber, Tennessee (LOC)

Kenju - Using the safety pins to repair the blinds did not work. Oh well, looks like I'll have to find a more permanent solution. (like spending money)

Mamma/Mary - The blinds are very heavy so shipping them back to the manufacturer that made them would be too costly. I'll give your suggestion a try and get in touch with the company I bought them from and see what they can do for me.

Woman Cooking in a Kitchen.

Okay, I replaced the kitchen faucets, dishwasher and microwave. Hopefully the blinds can be repaired, otherwise a new window treatment will be on the horizon. I'm not looking forward to that! :-)

I'd say that should be enough of things to be repaired or replaced. That's what I say
but who listens.

[Portrait of Stan Kenton and Bob Gioga, 1947 or 1948] (LOC)

Instead of having the radio on for background music, I have several channels on one of my TV's that has a selection of music - swing, jazz, country and whatever I'm in the mood for.

Well, today I got a message on those channels, "One Moment please" I waited and waited, nothing happened.

I have another set in the living room that started being temperamental today too, no picutre or sound on ANY channel!!!

I called Comcast and finally got the right person to talk to - told me to do this, do that, nothing helped. The technician set up an appointment for someone to come to my house tomorrow between 5:00 pm and 7:00pm.

Depending on what the source of the problem is, it's a no charge call or I pay!


There is a fellow in my building that might be able to help me so I'll keep my figures crossed and hopefully will cancel the visit from Comcast.

Now that I have updated you on the trials and tribulations of Thoroughly Modern Millie
it's up to you to see what was so unusual about last weeks post.

Testing - One, Two, Three - Testing

Your blog is 7 years old this month!
Your son is a numbers guy. Congrats. I hate Comcast and they always blame your hardware or your software before admitting that their bandwidth was too low that day.
Good luck with Comcast. Cox cable couldn't fix my problem vis remote so I had to pay $46 for a service call. Arrrgh!
Leave off the cable. Listen to music from your computer. That is my advice. The less one has to do with a cable company, the better, I say. What a miserable month you are having with all of these things going catty-wompus!

Hey! Speaking of cats...There is a cat in the dishwasher!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are the first person to SPOT the CAT in the dishwasher!!

Now that you have "let the cat out of the bag" others should go take a look and see what you saw. ;-)

Good for you!!
Yeah! I spotted that cat, too, and wondered if the poor thing had survived the washing and drying!!!

Was distracted by Stan Kenton poster -- great band!

Can sure sympathize with your household items breakdown story as went though it only a few years ago.
As long as you don't break down, all is well. Let's hope nothing more goes out. Someone, (Mort ?) suggested a Yiddish (?) term for imaginary or mythical gremlin of sorts as possibly unleashed on my appliances. I can't recall the word, now, but maybe you know.
Comcast has been upgrading something throughout New England and making cable channels show that "just a minute" message. I called and the guy reset my system. He said you have to do this to get reception. So call again and ask them to reset or send a new signal or whatever they call it. They should do this while you're on the phone and wait to confirm that you're getting all your channels.
WOW! Seven years? Congrats, Millie!
I'm sorry about your troubles. It seems everything wears out at the same time around here too - and all the light bulbs in the house seem to burn out very close together. There ought to be a law!!
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