Sunday, November 14, 2010
Year after year when vacation time rolled around my husband, our son and I would make plans with our friends and their children to vacation the third week in July at Grand Lake Lodge in Lebanon, Connecticut.

Grand Lake Lodge Key Ring 73

It was a great family place, lots of activities for the adults and a day camp for the children.

Grand Lake Lodge: At the Big Pool

On a sunny afternoon the pool was the place to be - you could swim, you could just sit and chat, you could participate in "Simon Says" or learn the latest dance steps. That's where my husband and I learned the Cha-Cha, the Tango, the Mambo and whatever else was IN at the time. We weren't the greatest dancers but we loved dancing!

Evenings at Grand Lake were spent in the Club House where there were nightly shows. No name talent like the Catskills but it was always a fun evening.

One evening they held a dance contest. The master of ceremonies asked for lady volunteeres - I don't know whatever possessed me - I put my hand up and was called to the stage with the other ladies. I was an ok dancer but had no business entering a competition.

The next thing I know, I'm doing a Cha-Cha with the gentleman. After that he danced with the other contestants and THEN he held his hand over each dancer and asked the audience to applaud - well, what do you know, I got the most applause and won a bottle of champagne!!!

You could have knocked me over with a feather - me - win a dance contest!!! When I pulled myself together I figured it out.

We'd been going to Grand Lake for years, not only did we go with our friends and their children ,and there were lots of them, we knew many of the guests who also came year after year!

They all clapped for ME!

What a thrill.

Now, I'll tell you what inspired this post


I'm not a big fan of Dancing With The Stars but there have been times that I got hooked because I wanted to see certain celebrities perform.

This season I was especially interested in seeing Jennifer Grey dance.

Image Courtesy: ABC

Seeing her dance with her partner Derek Hough reminded me of her dancing with Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing."

Image: Wikipedia

Oh, what a movie that was! The Grand Lake Lodge experience was just like that.

Watch: Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life (Final Dance) - High Quality

Now about Bristol Palin - She's still in the running - better dancers have been knocked off the show but she and her partner are still in the competition.

Image Courtesy: ABC

You can have lots of talent, be charming and good looking but if you do not have the right connections or know a lot of people you just might not win.

On the other hand if you "have a name" and know a lot of people you can be a winner!!

Look at me!!

It is too bad we don't have a video of that dance, Millie - I"d love to have seen you dance!!

I watch DWTS, and I have been mildly upset that several very good dancers have been voted off, while Palin (the wooden) remains.
Millie, your story did remind me of Dirty Dancing. Thank you for taking me back with you.
I'm sure you deserved to win because you were so popular with many friends while Bristol is winning because of the tea party types who vote for her because of her loopy mom.

I'll bet you were good dancer, too.

With that new hip you just might enter another cha-cha dance contest. ;-)
Oh the memories you stirred up in my mind. The movie was great and I can't say how many times I have watched it. How wonderful that you were able to live in real life something like the lodge!
Thanks for the memories. Today is the English anniversary of my dad's departure from this world. If he were here today, he'd thank you himself but,alas, we all have to go sometime. Hopefully, ours is not too soon! Thanks again and have a good week!
Love this post. I miss dancing. I won a contest years ago also.
You brought back a lot of memories and put a smile on my face :)
I am not surprised that you won -- your smile and personality wowed them!!!!

Don't even get me started on Bristol Palin on DWTS . . . I might forget I'm a lady.

Bristol Palin is still in the running!! What a ridiculous expected result.

Brandy and Max were 100% better!!
Like I said, "it's who you know.
Dear Millie,
Your blog made me feel alive as I watched "Dirty Dancing" I could feel the rhythm in my body and wanting to dance like I did many years ago! I also won a dance contest on a cruise ship.

You had a beautiful experience on a vacation similar to the movie.
Thank you for coordinating and sharing yesterday and today from your Journey of Life!
And in last night's semi finals Bristol Palin remains for the finals while Brandy ( a much better dancer) was eliminated.
Like you said Millie, It is not what you know, but who you know. ;)
All I have to say is Bristol Palin.
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I vacationed at Grand Lake Lodge with my grandparents for many many years too. It was a magical place and I have such fond memories of that place and those times spent with my grandparents. I am wondering if you knew them as they were regulars there for decades?
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