Sunday, May 25, 2014
For years I have been enjoying Ocean Spray cranberry juice.

Sometimes I just pour it out of the bottle and have it "as is." There have been times that I add a squirt of lemon juice or add some seltzer water, serve it to friends and always receive compliments about what a refreshing drink it is.

Image: Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. Courtesy Ocean Spray

As times marches on I have found that the 64 ounce bottle of juice was getting heavier, not that the container had changed, it was me that was changing.

I liked the product, but was finding it just too awkward to handle, let alone that the bottle was hard to open. ;-)

I found an easy solution for getting the top off, just got one of those plastic or rubber disks that worked beautifully.

Grabbing hold of the bottle was another problem that I solved easily.

I just poured some of the juice into another container!


Recently I needed some more of that good stuff, I saw it was on sale, and made my purchase.

When I got it home I realized that the bottle was harder to handle.

Yes, I've gotten older and weaker but this was ridiculous. I haven't aged that much in such a short time!!!

So what's a girl to do?

I did my homework before I called the company, compared the old bottle to the new bottle, and saw "they had changed the contour of the bottle!

Not only that, there was 4 ounces less in the new container.

I called Ocean Spray and explained why I was calling. Customer Service listened, heard what I said, and in appreciation of the time I took to bring my concern to their attention would send me a manufacturer's coupon.

Sure enough it didn't take to long before I received a letter explaining why the changes were made.

"Unfortunately, given rising prices of ingredients, fuel and packaging one way to defer these costs was to decrease the size of the bottle."

When I do use the coupon, I will look for a smaller size bottle of cranberry juice.

Image: Available Sizes. Courtesy Ocean Spray

No doubt, in the end, that will cost me more, but the convenience will be worth it.

I just hope they don't decide to shrink that size too!

Monday, May 12, 2014
SIDE BAR - For the past few weeks I have not had anything that I was inspired to make a post about - Today is different - I have TWO posts that I want to share with you.


How did I go back in time 73 years? I have heard songs and seen movies that tell, and show, you how it can be done. Well, here's my story!

Brooksby Village offered residents the opportunity to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra perform at Merrimack College in North Andover. Transportation was provided and the cost was minimal.

As soon as I learned about this opportunity I called and made a reservation for myself and a friend. Space was limited so I didn't want to miss out on what I expected to be a great evening!

It was the greatest!


When I was a teenager I could not get enough of The Glenn Miller Band with their unique jazz sound and their great vocalists.

Image: High School Yearbook

When they appeared in Boston my friends and I would make a day of it, go in early, get the best seats available, sit through the movie until "the show started." Just seeing the band perform once was not enough! The plan was to pack a lunch and when the movie came on again some of us stayed and got better seats and some of us went to the lounge and had our lunch! Some of us even did our homework there!

I still remember the thrill I had before the show started, the curtain was closed and the band started to play "Moonlight Serenade"- the curtain opened and there they were!


Spending one day at the movie house was great but NOT ENOUGH! What we did was "SKIP SCHOOL" and spend another memorable day with the Miller Band.

But we weren't through yet.

Once we left the theater we knew where the players would exit the theater and we'd be there to get their autographs. That way we got to know their names and the instruments they played.

For the longest time I would buy Downbeat Magazine to be updated on their appearances and their lives.

Now, 73 years later I got see the band again.

The feeling of anticipation and excitement was there, the band played that wonderful music, and it brought back so many wonderful memories.

The highlights of the evening were far too many for me to mention here, but I can't resist mentioning just a few - Pennsylvania 6-500, String of Pearls, At Last, and In the Mood!

I remember jitterbugging to In The Mood and knowing that we would have to keep dancing for a long time until that number was over!

The evening also made me aware that wonderful music stays alive!



When Mothers Day comes around I know I'm going on a mystery ride.

Sometimes I guess where we are going, sometimes I don't. It's a fun thing we do. One thing I know is, we never go to a restaurant where we have to wait. My son and his wife always manage to pull that off.

When the day came, we headed north. OK, that wasn't too difficult for me, I figured we'd be going to New Hampshire or Maine, probably Maine.

I was right! Kittery, that's where there are many outlet stores. We shopped at a few places. Crate and Barrel got a little of my business.

Now it was time to eat - We were fortunate to walk into a restaurant and be seated right away.

The fun part of that dining experience was "trying at least a half dozen samplings of Maine beers. I'm not a drinker so when I go out with Steve and Carol I ask for a small glass, that way I can join in on the sampling.

None of the beers were to my liking but it was fun trying.

Let me tell you, I slept well last night!

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