Wednesday, October 29, 2003
South Beach Diet

Hip Hip Horray. Have been on this diet for 2 1/2 weeks and the first two weeks were terrific. I was not hungry and had the most satisfying breakfast, lunches and dinners. Not only that but I had to have snacks in between. Was never hungry and lost 5 lbs.

Now I am on the next phase and I am hungry. Do not understand. Is there anyone out there who has had
experience with this diet and can explain this to me? After I finish this post I am going into the kitchen and have some snack that is permitted. If this keeps up I will start eating and put back all that I have lost.



Official Burt Young Website Launch!

The official website of Burt Young has been launched. Burt Young, the Academy Award nominated actor and maverick artist, has launched a wonderful display of paintings. The website is a literal library describing milestones, film and art. He can be browsed at:
Get good walking shoes and walk.
If this doesn't keep you lean, it
will keep you mean.
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