Thursday, October 16, 2003
When I was a child my greatest pleasure was going to the movies.  To this day I love the movies.  My mother would pack me a sandwich, just in case I got hungry and it was usually a salami sandwich!

People around me did not mind because their mothers packed them that same wonderful snack.

One of my favorite movies was Tarzan. I saw it many times and knew the  characters really well. The other night on TV I saw an animated version of that movie.  It was on the Disney channel and you would think it would be a movie just for kids, but it held my interest and brought tears to my eyes. It had humor drama and romance. Better than some movies that you pay money for.

I will be watching for an animated version of King Kong, that was another great favorite of mine.

As Tarzan would say, oga oga for now.


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