Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Fun at the Post Office

How can you have fun at the post office? Good question.

I am getting ready to go to Florida and when I get down there I get very busy having fun, so I try to do as much as I can up here before I go.

There is a post office branch that I go to down there and the guy who mans the window is a capital grouch so I buy my stamps here. When it came to choosing the holiday stamp I chose the SNOW MAN.

What I thought when I bought them, I will be sending the SNOW MAN to my northern friends who are shivering while I am sunning myself. Selfish of me but I thought, I hope they notice the snow man from down south!

Lets see what comments I get!

Sunday, November 23, 2003
A Parody of Cabaret.
SillyMusic presents: Say Oy Vey.

Sunday, November 16, 2003
I am not an old lady

Shopping for groceries the other day and was standing by the poultry dept. when this lady approached me and asked me what kind of a chicken she should buy for an old lady.


I took affront to that question and told her, I DO NOT COOK!

Toilet Paper

Went into one of those large warehouse stores and I was looking for some big bargains. Well I find one great buy. twenty double rolls of a good name brand paper for $8.00. Such a good buy.

I am one person living in an average size condo. What to do? Such a good buy.

I stood there and thought about it, could not pass it up. Figured I would keep the paper in the trunk of my car. How could I pass up such a good buy!

Well I then tried to put the package in my shopping cart. I could not even pick it up, so that was the end of my big buy!


Mah Johngg Tiles Menorah.
via [ greengrl ]

Thursday, November 13, 2003
Internet Class

Yesterday attended an Internet Class. I know a little and want to know a lot more. Well what I learned yesterday was the background of the very young subsitute teacher. She did not ask us were we were coming from, what we knew. what we were interested in learning. She did not know the answer to some of our questions and could not get the screen positioned so that we could see what she was doing! I would have been better off if I had stayed home and packed.

Just opened up a can of worms

This happens every fall in preperation of my trip to Florida. I took ou t all my luggage and garment bags and now I have to fill them. Every year it gets harder and harder. Every year I swear I will take less but then I see that I have room in the suitcases so I might as well take more just in case I need it. I am down there for four months and it could be cold, it could be hot, it could rain and it could be humid! Men find it much easier to pack, they take one pair of pants, one shirt, one bathing suit and one set on underwear and they are all set until the wife checks out what thet packed and they take enough for their hubbys so that they look well dressed. If it were not for the women the clothing stores would go out of business!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Blue Hair Troupe.
What would life be like if seniors ran the world?

We answer that as we take you to a fictitious Senior Center for the Performing Arts where the talented(?) seniors put on revue performing your favorite songs and dances but with a "senior twist".
Halley Suitt gives it a great review.
They rewrite the super sexy " Lady Marmalade " into the more tame "Voulez-vous Crochet Avec Moi Ce Soir" which brought the house down as three hip grandmas strutted their stuff along with their crocheted afghans and crochet hooks.

And then their remake of YMCA ... about joining the AARP is to die for. Whoops. I mean is great.
Let's go!

Saturday, November 08, 2003

CyberYenta's Yenta Centa.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
My mom is 65 in Neo-years.


The Joy of Soup.
via [ Jack at Gone East ]

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Heath Row's Media Diet: All in the Family.
Heath Row calls you Thoroughly Modern Millie over on his blog and gave you a link!
Last month at BloggerCon , I urged Steve Garfield to encourage his 78-year-old mother to start a blog. Oct. 12 -- not much more than a week after the event -- she launched My Mom's Blog.
Thoroughly Modern Millie would be a good tagline for your blog.
It's a usually a short sentence or perhaps a mere sentence fragment that sits near the proper title and describes, to some degree, the content of the blog.
Have fun deciding on a tagline!

Sunday, November 02, 2003

The Mah Jong Museum.
A museum dedicated to the preservation of this fascinating game from Ancient China. Journey through the history of the game, read transcripts of vintage articles and sale ads from the 1920s and see one of the largest collections of Mah Jong tile sets.
I thought you'd like this site. It has a lot of interesting pictures of old Mah Jong sets.

Their links page has a lot of Mah Jong web sites to visit too.

One Bam, Two Crack!

Saturday, November 01, 2003
Yahoo! News - 'Station Agent' Wins Audiences with Simple Tale
'The Station Agent' stars Peter Dinklage as a dwarf named Finbar McBride who, because of his dwarfism, has withdrawn from society. He works repairing toy trains and when his boss, the owner of a model train shop, dies suddenly, he finds he has been left a rundown train depot in the rural town of Newfoundland, New Jersey.
Hope you enjoyed the movie tonight.

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