Thursday, January 01, 2004
Hello From Florida
Happy New Year to all. I went out to dinner and then to a movie. I thought the restaurant would be crowded and we would have a long wait. Surprise, we got seated right away. I had Romanian steak with smothered onions.

I picked up the movie tickets in the afternoon for the 9:00 show and would you believe it, the cashier was keeping a running total so he would not sell to many tickets. I overheard people say that they had purchased the tickets the day before!.. The movie was sold out. We saw "Something's Gotta Give". I told the girls I would not mind seeing it again. That doctor sure is cute. Keanu Reeves.

There was scene were the two people are in the same house and are communicating via the computer. I got a kick out of that.

The weather has been balmy, That is it for now.

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