Thursday, January 29, 2004
Mr. CTRL-ALT-DEL Retiring from IBM
'CtrlAltDelete' Inventor Restarts Career.
David Bradley spent five minutes writing the computer code that has bailed out the world's PC users for decades.

The result was one of the most well-known key combinations around: CtrlAltDelete. It forces obstinate computers to restart when they will no longer follow other commands.

Bradley, 55, is getting a new start of his own. He's retiring Friday after 28 1/2 years with IBM.

Remember: You don't press the keys all at one, you have to think of the forst two as [ SHIFT ] keys.

First press [ CTRL ], then [ ALT ], while still holding down the [ SHIFT ] key, and then finally, press [ DEL ].

No wait!

Not now.

Just use that simple three key operation to restart your computer when it gets hung up.

If that doesn't work, turn the power on and off.
via [ Lost Remote ]

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