Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Received my telephone bill the other day and it just did not look right. What was wrong with it?. First off, I saw a charge for .85 cents for 911/Disabilitiy Access Fee, WHAT? Also saw charge for MA Regional call to Fall River. Do not know anyone in Fall River.

Called the Verizon office and was told that the Disability charge went into effect this winter. I was away this winter so that was the first I heard of that.

Operator checked the calls made to Fall River. They were made by Pete, who the heck is Pete? They will deduct that charge from my bill.

Now getting back to the 911/Disability Fee, In all my years have had to call 911 twice. There should not be any charge for that necessary call. Next thing you know, they will be charging you to call the Police and Fire department!

As Red Buttons used to say, 'STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING'

Check your telephone bill!


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