Friday, May 07, 2004
When I go to Florida I have my car shipped down and when the fellow comes to take the car I hold my breath. He has to chain it up and sometimes it takes a long time until he gets it just right. I worry that it will make it in one piece. And it does.

Then when I am down there I watch very carefully the seniors that are driving or just walking by. That was just fine. I have a parking spot down there were I have to be very careful when I pull out of my spot. That was just fine.

Now it comes time to ship the car back home. Fellow comes to pick up the car and I worry all over again. I can not stand to see how he does it so I leave while he is in the process of tighing the reins. Car arrived in one piece! That was just fine.

Now I am home safe and sound. But, I go to the local hospital to pick up some stuff that I have to drink for a test. In and out in 15 minutes. When I get back to my car I see my side view mirror broken! Found a note from a ICU nurse who works at the hospital apologizing for hitting me with her truck.

Made it back home in one piece, but watch out for those ICU nurses!

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