Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Just the other day posted a blog about going into town by bus and I said never again, guess you can not say that because just this past Sunday I went into Boston by bus again.

This time it was a school bus! Made plans months ago with some friends to go to a Boston Pops concert. This bus not only gave you a bumpy ride, but it had very little leg room, and I am not tall.

There was no place to hold on to when the bus made a turn. I could have landed in the lap of the person across the aisle from me. He was not very appealing anyway.

Now about the concert. Bruce Hangen conducted, he became Principal Pops Guest Conductor in 2002 and what a fine job he did. He has lead over 200 concerts with Boston Pops and Boston Pops Esplanade orchestras.

The program featured wonderful Broadway show tunes and a special presentation by students from The Boston Conservatory Musical Theater Division. These young people did a great job singing and dancing those beautiful numbers.

And then to top it all of, the flag comes down and the audience stands up and claps and cheers, what a wonderful afternon.

By the time the concert was over, I had forgotten about the bus ride, but I had to get back on.

This time I had a seat over the wheel!

Oh well it was a great time anyway!

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