Sunday, June 27, 2004
The Movie
Last Saturday night the girls (ages 70 and up) and I went to the movies to see Tom Hanks in The Terminal. I have been a Hanks fan ever since I watched him on TV in Bosom Buddies.

Does anyone out there remember him in that wonderfully funny show?

He did his usual good performance, this time as a person stuck in the airport for a long time.

Hanks finds a clever way to get money so he can eat, and along the way he makes friends.

The airport setting was built especially for the movie, looks like the real thing. Leave it to Spielberg to do a great job.

The Dinner
I was the driver so the girls left it up to me to choose the place to eat. We were near a restaurant that I had been to recently with my son and his wife, and had enjoyed it throughly, so I asked the girls if they would like to go to the Salem BEER Works. Mind you now, these girls do not as a rule drink, so I did not expect them to agree, but surprise, surprise they said ok.

When the waitress asked if we wanted anything to drink surprise, surprise, two of " The Girls" said yes they wanted a light beer. Then the waitress asked, "16 or 32 ounces? I nearly flipped! What they ordered was one 16 ounce bottle that they would split!

I was so pleased that they enjoyed the meal and the beer!

The Dessert
Now the evening was not over yet. I invited them back to my condo and served them Hoodsies.

The only thing that was missing was the wooden spoons that we used to eat them with!

Remember those?

That was some night on the town!

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