Tuesday, June 22, 2004
I needed a few things at the supermarket, so I went in with my very short list, milk, butter, some salad, bread, bananas.

Almost didn't put the shopping cart into the trunk of the car, because I was only going in for a few thngs.

I don't bother with coupons any more because most of them require you to buy two items to get the benefit.

The trip should have taken me no time, but no. The strawberries looked good and the blueberries were on sale and are good for you, so naturally I bought them, etc, etc.

By the time I checked out, it cost me $42.00!

Maybe next time I go shopping I'll stick to my list. ( I do not think so ;-) Only in my dreams.

What happens when you go shopping? Do you stick to your list or spend, spend, spend?


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