Saturday, August 14, 2004
The other day I rode by the house that we lived in for 38 years and saw a for sale sign out on the front lawn. "Our House" looked well taken care of , the front lawn and the shrubs looked great, the house is now a soft yellow with black shutters, nice new front door and a shinny new mail box. Three years after my husband died I put the house up for sale and so the new owners have only been living there for seven years. I wonder why they have put it up for sale after living there for such a short time.

I told my son Steve that I saw "Our House" up for sale and his question to me was, If the real estate agent has an open house would you want to go? Good question! I asked him the same question and his reaction was the same as mine. --- Let's think about it.

We had many good times there, dinner parties, holiday get togethers, card games, mah jongg games, cook outs and pool parties, even though the pool was only three feet high, we all had many good times keeping cool in the pool.

Just seeing the house got me thinking about the fun times we shared, maybe I should leave it at that.

What would you do?

UPDATE from Steve:
Hey Mom! There's an open house today. I just saw the listing in the Boston Globe and there's a link to the realtor's web page WITH A PHOTO SLIDESHOW.

Oh my! I just clicked that link and see the pictures of "Our House". Yikes! It's a living nightmare. The guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy would have a field day over there.

I've got to give them credit for one thing though, they put a TV in the livingroom!

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