Friday, August 27, 2004
Here I am writing about coffee again. I had a birthday last week and my son and daughter in-law gave me a Senseo Coffee Machine. With this product you can have a perfect cup of coffee every time. You can make one cup, two cups or one mug in just a few seconds. Another great feature about this coffemaker is there's no pot to wash, you just have to rinse the coffee pod holder.

So far I have tried making one cup, and find that's not enough. Tried making 1 mug and that's fine. I'm also trying the different flavors, mild roast, medium roast, dark roast and decaffeinated. I even tried using one decaffeinated pod and one mild roast pod. I should mention that when you make a mug you need to use two pods. As a matter of fact this morning tried just one pod for one mug and that was too weak.

As you can see I am having a great adventure with these new fangeled machine. This is how I bring fun and excitment into my life! After all what kind of excitment can a 79 year old lady have?

Do any of you out there have the Senseo Machine and if so how do you like it?


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