Monday, August 30, 2004
Saturday night did the usual thing with "The Girls", dinner and a movie, but this time we decided to go to Friendly's after the movie. It was a hot night and we said , the heck with the calories, lets go for it! A senior sundae is $1.49, it comes with chocolate or carmel sauce, whip cream and a cherry on top. We all decided to have Velvet Praline ice cream with the works! Was that ever good!

While we were waiting for our sundaes I noticed there was a can of crayons and a paper to color on, well it did not take me but a second to start coloring. What Fun! There were five of us and only one other girl joined me in my pursuit. What does that tell you about the other girls?

Well one thing lead to another and before I knew it we were talking about our childhood and the toys we had growing up.

The things I remember most are my big, beautiful blue eyed, blonde doll, table and chairs and a tea set. I did not have much but I loved what I had.

The children today have way to many "things" and do not appreciate what they have. I was lucky, valued and loved what I had.


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