Sunday, August 01, 2004
I do not know about you but I need to have my morning coffee. The other morning I had to open a new jar of Nescafe coffee. It was in a new fangled container. Directions printed on jar said, "Press Here", well I "Pressed Here" and nothing happened and as I looked closer I saw right above the "Press Here", the words "Press" soo I pressed there and again nothing happened - by this point I was really upset because I could not open the jar and therefore I could not have that much needed cup of coffee.

What to do? I made myself a cup of TEA - yuck! - As soon as I finished the tea, got on the phone and called the Nescafe 800 number and gave them an earfull. The customer service person told me that I had to put the container on the counter and with two thumbs press down and then open the lid! How do they expect a 78 year old lady who has poor eyesight and arthritis to do that!

They will report my complain and send me some complimentry coupons. What good is that. If they keep putting the coffee in that type of container i am not buying it.

When I finally was able to open the jar I transfered the coffee to a plastic container. Now I can be sure that I will have that cup of coffee in the morning!


PS: After I made this post thought of a short story that I read years ago about a fella and his girfriend. He was ready to get married, she was not. One morning she had trouble opening a jar and cried bitterly. She called her fella and said, "I am ready, lets get married!"

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