Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Searching for Baby Dimples
I read my mom's last post and was interested in the doll she mentioned.

So we both went on Google to see if we could find the exact doll that she so fondly remembered owning as a child. We found her!

It's Baby Dimples, 22 inches, a popular dimpled baby introduced in 1927.

I laughed when I read that last post becuase my mom neglected to tell you about her other toys. I guess they don't hold as pleasant memories as Baby Dimples.

First there were her roller skates, or maybe I should say roller skate. Her parents were very protective of her and didn't want her to get hurt, so they took one of her roller skates away and left her with just one for one foot!

I guess if you always can put one foot on the ground it's safer than having a set of wheels on that other foot.

The other story I remember her telling us was about her sled. When her father took the sled home he noticed that the front part of it was loose. It seemed to him that the wooden part on the front needed to be tightened up, so he secured it to the base of the sled so it wouldn't move anymore. That fixed it.


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