Sunday, September 26, 2004
In a recent comment to me, Ronnie told the story about stealing ice chips from the iceman. That reminded me of something that I did when I was a teenager.

I was a huge fan of Glenn Miller and when his band came to Boston my friends and I went to see him on a Saturday afternoon but once was not enough.

We loved him so that we had to see him again. What we did was "skip school", go into town early in the day, bring lunch and stay for the day. We had already paid to get in the first time, on a Saturday, and money was tight but our desire was strong, so what we did was sneak in the back-door of the theatre to see him again.

By going in early and staying for the day we could gradually work our way down to the front row. The only problem with that was we had to see Henny Youngman many times until Miller came on, but it was worth it.

I still remember the thrill of hearing "Moonlight Serenade", the curtain opening up and there he was!!

We did it that once, my parents never knew, the school never knew but now that I think of it, maybe the theatre did know.


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