Monday, October 11, 2004
When I was a little girl growing up had a pal that I did many things with, we played marbles, jump rope, hopscotch and sometimes we just sat on the front stoop and talked. One day the conversation turned to a very mysterious subject. Where do babies come from? Wow, that was heavy stuff. We certainly were not going to ask our parents so we put our heads together and shared our thoughts.

My idea was that when two people got married and the Rabbi pronounced them man and wife, it would just happen and sooner or later the wife would get the baby in her stomach and then give birth. My friend disagreed with me and said that the baby came in the doctors suitcase! Well I strongly disagreed with her and she stuck to her guns.

Along came a neighbor, Mrs. Carp, I still remember her name, and I said to my friend, let's ask Mrs Carp! Poor Mrs Carp.

I spoke up and asked her, Do babies came from the mothers stomach or from inside the doctors suitcase?" What do you know, she said they come from inside the doctors suitcase!!!!

Even though my friend got the answer she wanted, our friendship was never the same after that.


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