Saturday, October 23, 2004
Recently I read a post by Texas Trifles about her dad when he was a cop and had a nerve-racking experience. That reminded me of an incident that happened to my husband and I a number of years ago. When he retired we were ready to skip the New England winters and spend time in Florida. We had to find a rental and not knowing anyone that could help us find a place, we resorted to the real estate rental ads in the newspaper. There were not many ads to follow up but finally we found one that sounded like it would meet our needs.

The owner of the property lived locally and invited us to her home so we could get more in depth information and she could screen us. We should have screened her! I smelled a rat but was anxious to get a place to hang our hats. She showed us pictures of the place and they looked good. A lesson was learned, "DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE IN A PICTURE." I could write a book about our trials and tribulations in that condo but that is for another time.

It was a one bedroom Condo so when my son and his wife came down for a visit we had to open the sofabed. Lo and behold when the coach was opened, there tucked in the bend of the mattress was a GUN! We immediately called the owner and she said , "call the sheriffs office." It was frightening to see the gun , never saw a real gun and never want to see one again.

My son said, "wait until we leave", did not want to spoil their vacation with police business but we wanted to get that gun out of our place as soon as possible.

Well when the sheriff showed up he took a good long look at the gun, studied it carefully and said, "This is a toy gun."

What a relief!


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