Saturday, October 30, 2004
Yesterday Filene's ran a large ad in the newspaper featuring great coupons, so how could I resist?

I really do not like to go to the mall, but I desperatly need some fall clothes to tide me over until I go to Florida, so I pulled my self together and went! After searching the racks I finally found some things to try on. Went in and out of the fitting room at least three times before I found some slacks that fit.

The store was hot, I was overdressed, and had to wait in line to check out my purchases. Finally it was my turn. I asked the cashier which coupons I could use, had one for 10%, one for 20% and one for 50%. She said that I could not use any of them because my items were "SUPERIOR VALUE."

Well, I bought the slacks anyway but they won't see me at the mall for a very long time.

That was a trick on me and certainly no treat!


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