Monday, November 08, 2004
A while ago I wrote about my favorite old large aluminum pot. I have had this pot for a million years and have made many good meals in it. At one point in time I thought I should replace it with a stainless steel pot since my pot was showing its age.

Decided to make an investment and bought a new pot. After making a few meals in it realized there is magic in my old pot so I put the new one aside. Came to the conclusion that there is nothing like aluminum.

What to do? I tried to clean it with Ajax, Comet and Brillo, nothing worked. Just about the time I was trying to save my pot, got together with a friend who mentioned a product, "Bar Keepers Friend", that she was very enthusiastic about.

I bought it, used it and it did do a great job on my pot!

Now the Bar Keeper is my friend. ;-)


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