Tuesday, December 21, 2004
While my son Steve was here visiting I thought it would be a good idea for us to go out for breakfast so he could have the Florida breakfast experience. I warned him that once we got there he should expect to wait because "The 3 G's" was very popular and there always is a long wait. Well we got there and were seated immediately! Very surprising.

I found out later that a restaurant up the street was offering the same breakfast for a dollar less and they included pastry. Aha! That is why we had no wait.

The other day my friend and I spent the day together, we both had a late breakfast and were ready for an early dinner so off we went to "The 3 G's." We got there at 3:30P.M. and what a line! It did not take more then 20 minutes and we were seated. The meal was excellent, complete dinner for $9.50.

Saturday night I got together with a few girls and went to "New China Buffet." As the ad says it is a super Chinese buffet with over 200 selections. I did not touch the salad bar, did not touch the sushi bar and pretty much ignored the main entries. Spent my caloriers on the appetizers which were the best I ever had.

Then the desserts, you name it they had it. When we finished all that, the waiter brought us fortune cookies which I chose to take home.

The next day I opened my cookie and this is what it said "Confucius say "GO ON A DIET".


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