Sunday, December 26, 2004
The other day I went to the local flea market, first time this season. From year to year there is always something new, this season it is slot machines. How it works is you put your money in and IF you win you get points which entitles you to gift certificates from local merchants. I looked but did not touch!

What I always treat myself to at this market is a butter pecan ice cream cone, sometimes I even have it for lunch.

Before you enter the flea market there is a vendor that sells fruits and vegetables. Since it was December 24th everything was closing up early, items were practically given away.

On my way into the flea market, I noticed that asparagus was $1 a bunch.

On my way out, it had been marked down to 50 cents a bunch!

Good thing I like asparagus.

That was more fun then the shopping I did on the inside!


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