Wednesday, December 15, 2004
The other day one of the things I wrote about was playing Mah Jongg at the pool, well this is what happened.

The first girl to sit out went over to a man that was sunning himself and she started to kibbitz with him. Come to find out she knew him from Massachusetts and this was his first season at King's Point.

When it was time for the second girl to sit out, she went over and started to kibbitz with him. She found out that he lost his wife a year ago and was very lonely.

She also found out that he was living in Burgundy D. That is the building that I live in!

Well, when it was time for me to sit out, I went over and started to kibbitz with him. I told him I came from Massachusetts also. He said he came from Chicago! I asked, "where do you live at King's Point." He said, Monaco! WHAT! Wrong man!!!

Apparently the other man had left and this man took his chair. How could that have happened? The men all look alike here, they are bald and have big stomachs!!


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