Friday, February 25, 2005
It was a Saturday night in January, 1955 and I had a date with a fellow that I had meet recently at a local bowling alley. He called for a date and I said yes. In those days when you went out on a Saturday night it did not mean dinner and a movie like it does these days but it was usually an evening at a nightclub where we would spend the evening dancing.

It was a first date so I pulled out all the stops and wore a slinky black dress and my new winter coat which was, believe it or not, PURPLE WITH A WHITE FOX COLLAR and if that was not enough, it had a border of WHITE FOX on the bottom.

When he came to pick me up he was dressed in a very casual manner, which was very unusual in those days. When I got into the car I asked Izzy, (I still remember his name) where we were going. He told me that the club he belonged to was having a COOKOUT at a cabin in the woods!!! Dummy, he never told me that when he called. That date sure started off on the wrong foot.

That was the end of Izzy!

Well, when we walked into the cabin everyone there noticed ME.

My future husband was one of the guys there and the rest is history.

To be continued.


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