Tuesday, February 15, 2005
The other day I attended an informative meeting about Senior Summer School. The meeting was scheduled for 10 AM which is not my kind of time but I have heard good things about Summer School and was interested in learning what it was all about. I made the effort to attend and was I glad I did.

Classes are offered in several locations, for example it could be Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Canada etc. etc. Not only do they offer classes, there are social events, movies, live entertainment and sightseeing trips.

Arizona is one of locations offered, accomodations will be at Little America Resort in Flagstaff. I checked it out on the computer and it looks like an A1 hotel, heated outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub and a two mile hiking trail. Many excursions are planned, including the Grand Canyon Railway to the Grand Canyon, Sedona's colorful Red Rock country, the Navajo Indian Reservation and some other side trips.

We were asked to fill out cards with our names and addreses. At the conculsion of the meeting they drew the cards for door prizes. There were many door prizes, things like tee shirts, mugs, rain jackets and a few $50.00 gift cards. There was one gift card of $100.00. I WON!!!

Even before I won the gift card I was interested in the Arizona trip but now I am really interested!


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