Sunday, March 20, 2005
It was 1957 when my husband and I got married. The vows that we made are the same as what they are today - For better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

When we made that commitment it was forever. Young people today seem to think differently.

Back in the 50's there was no living with each other before marriage, so there was a lot to learn about your mate. Even today when a couple live together it is still different after you get married. Somehow that piece of paper makes a difference.

After we were married for a number of years we heard about a group called "Marriage Encounter". The purpose was to help couples make a good marriage great It involved a weekend away at a hotel, no TV, no newspapers and no radio. We attended group sessions and then had assignments on various subjects.

One morning we spent time with a young couple who told us they were recently married.
They had been living together for sometime and their parents were after them to marry. Finally they gave in and got married. I never forgot what they told us, "If it does not work we will get a divorce!"

True, the parents should not have pushed them, but it still told me a lot about how they were thinking.

To this day I think that if you make a commitment you have to give it all you have to make it work.


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