Tuesday, May 03, 2005
One of the most enjoyable trips that I took with my husband was to the West Coast of the United States. We started in San Francisco and worked our way down the coast.

We decided that since we were not too far from the San Diego Zoo, we should pay the zoo a visit. My husband was especially interested as he had read lots of good things about the zoo. It turned out to be more of a drive then we expected but it was worth the time and extra expense.

After we did some sight seeing it was time to rest and have lunch. We found a restaurant which had a nice outside shaded area where we could relax, enjoy the view and have lunch. I pulled up a bench and asked my husband to get me a steak sandwich. He said, "that sounds good, I'll get the steak too."

Well, what do you know, I saw Aaron coming toward me with our lunches and also saw a huge black bird following him. The next thing I saw was the bird swooping down and taking one of the sandwiches.

Aaron came over to the table with the remaining sandwich.

I told him that it was too bad that the bird had taken his sandwich.


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