Friday, June 10, 2005
AMA -Blogs:Marketing Beyond the Website
Would you believe I have been invited to participate in a workshop on blogs!

Toby Bloomberg is chair person of this workshop which will be held on Friday, June 24 at the Batterymarch Conference Center at the Wyndham Hotel. Even though the focus of this workshop is on how to incorporate blogs into a marketing strategy, she thought it would be great fun if I told the story of My Mom's Blog. I have not spoken before a group for many years, gave it some thought and decided that since I am so enthusiastic about blogs, I would do it.

My son Steve from Of On A Tangent contributes a great deal to my blog, does the video blogs with me and adds those great appropriate picture to my posts. Unfortunately he will not be able to share the lime light with me that day but his wife Carol will be with me and will be doing the video.

Looking forward to a fun day!


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