Monday, June 27, 2005
Friday, June 24th and the day finally came when I made my presentation at the AMA workshop about blogs!

Surprisingly I was not nervous about doing this and I think there were two reasons for this. First I love blogging and am amazed at how it has enriched my life. It is easy to talk about something that you are enthusiastic about.

The second reason I was so comfortable doing this was the encouraging words that Toby said to me, things like, "They are going to love you" and " you will the hit of the day." Thanks, Toby.

When I arrived with my daughter-in-law Carol we were greeted warmly and introduced to some of the speakers. Everyone was so nice.

The room was filled with young people and that was a joy for me. Being at a workshop with young men and women was a unique experience for me as I am always with seniors.
I found seeing how the workshop was conducted very interesting, all the details that had to be worked out from the "coffee and" to the delicious lunch, floor plan and so much more.

I really enjoyed hearing what the various speakers had to say, how they presented their particular subjects and how enthusiastic they were. I did understand a good portion of what they were talking about but there is a whole lot more for me to learn.

While I was waiting to give my presentation I was thinking that if the audience looked like they were losing interest I would eliminate some of the posts I planned to read. Not only did I read all the posts that I had planned on, I showed two video blogs. They loved them.

Well, when I started to speak I felt they were really listening and when I read something humorous they responded with a great deal of laughter!

Toby told me it would be a fun day and it sure was!

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