Wednesday, June 08, 2005
In this mornings Boston Globe, Annie's Mailbox had a very sad letter from a 58 year old lady that has been in a relationship with a 68 year old man for the past 10 years.

They live in different towns and until recently they would take turns traveling to each other's place. In the past they did fun things together, ate out and went on expensive trips. Now things have changed. He no longer travels to her town and expects her to travel the 75 miles to his place, bring the groceries so they can eat in and does not even help her carry the bags inside the house or help with her luggage. He sleeps in his lounge chair or watches TV for hours.

She cleans his house, does the laundry and cooks the meals! And every weekend he has some new ailment to complain about. She says she knows she should stop seeing him but can not bring herself to do it because she is an OLD LADY and there is nothing out there for her.

Annie suggested that he see his doctor and find out what is going on.

My suggestion to her is to take herself to a therapist and find out why she is clinging to someone that is not giving her anything. Ok, he makes her feel needed but she is wasting her time.

Some women are stuck in a marriage that is one sided, she is still young and should move on with her life.


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