Sunday, July 10, 2005
Ever since I can remember I have loved the movies. I grew up in a small city with a very large population. We had three movie houses in town, the Olympia that showed first run movies, the Strand, second run and the Chelsea, real oldies. If I remember correctly the price of admission was ten cents, even though money was tight in those days we managed to go to the movies.

No money for candy or pop corn so my mother packed me a lunch, it usually was a salami sandwich. Those poor people that sat near me!!

The Strand ran a special every Saturday afternoon which included Pathe News, the main feature plus a cowboy serial so you had to come back the following Saturday to find out what happened. In addition to all of that, every week they gave you a plate, a bowl or a cup and if you went on a regular basis you wound up with a complete set of dishes. That is how my mother managed to have a matched set.

I remember there was a time we were expecting company and we did not have enough dishs so I went over to a neighbors and asked if we could borrow some of her dishs. She was happy to oblige and what do you know, she had the same pattern we had. She got her dishes from the Stand too.

The movie that I remember most vividly was King Kong, I saw it at the Olympia, the Strand and the Chelsea, and now I hear they are doing a remake. When it opens I will be there but without the salami sandwich!


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