Monday, July 04, 2005
A while ago I wrote about NORC (naturally occuring retirement community) becoming available at my development. We have had book reviews, various classes and the latest offering was a day trip to Gloucester which included transportation by a van, lunch at the Studio Restaurant and a play at the Gloucester Stage Company.

The cost of the transportation was covered by NORC so all we were responsible for was our lunch and the theatre tickets, It was a very reasonable package so, because the van could only accomadate 10 people, it filled up quickly.

This was the first time that a day trip was offered to us, my friend Nanci volunteered to look into the place, the play, and take care of the reservations. As the time drew closer to the event I would talk to her about the various details.

We were to have lunch at the Studio Restaurant and it was not a set menu. I asked her, how are you going to handle the bill? I know that when I go out with four or six ladies it is quite a hassle to get the correct change from them, so just image trying to do that with ten ladies!! She called the resturant and asked if they would give each person a separate check, fortunately they agreed!!

The restaurant and the theatre are close to each other but the arrangement was that after lunch the driver would pick us up and drop us off at the theatre since some of our ladies can not walk too well.

By this time it was 3:45 and we had to pick up the tickets at the box office by 4:00 pm. We go outside and there is NO VAN. The driver is there and she tells us that the battery is dead and will call AAA.

We had to be at the theatre by 4:00 pm and a few of the ladies can not walk! What to do!!

Four ladies said that they would go into the restaurant and call a cab.
The six hardy ones started walking to the theatre. When we got there the four ladies WERE ALREADY THERE. The owner of the restaurant had driven them to the theatre.

The play was "Dinner With Friends", a bittersweet comedy about the joys and sorrows that confront marriage in middle age. The play held our interest and I don't think any of us were to concerned about how we were going to get home.

What a surprise awaited us when we got out of the theatre! There was our driver with the Salem Sightseeing Trolley!! She works for the city of Salem, drives the trolley for them and one was available to us. Not only did we have unusual transportation home but she drove along the beautiful coastal area where we saw some beautiful estates.

The first time experience was going on a day trip with NORC and the second was getting home by the Salem Trolley.

The unexpected trolley ride was the best part of the day!


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