Tuesday, August 02, 2005
As seen in the Washington Post!

Jennifer L. Huget has an article in the Washington Post on blogs devoting to aging, Blogging Through The Ages.

She features my mom:
I had hoped to talk also with Millie Garfield, who at 79 bills herself as one of the Internet's oldest bloggers. Alas, she didn't reply in time for my deadline. Millie started her site, http://mymomsblog.blogspot.com/ , at the instigation of her son, video blogger Steve Garfield. Millie's site brings to mind David Letterman's mother's visits to his show: Somehow she makes her daily struggles seem funny.

Millie mixes it up: Her site includes her account of her love/hate relationship with the Boston Globe and of going to the movies in the olden days, but it literally comes to life with videos shot by her son, including the classic "I Can't Open It," in which she wrangles with a Tylenol bottle, a dental-floss dispenser and a shampoo container. I laughed; I cried.
Yay mom!

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