Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Another Bus Ride
For years I have subscribed to the North Shore Music Theatre In The Round. Unfortunately this July a fire destroyed the theatre's auditorium.

The patrons were offered three choices: full refund, credit toward next season OR we could see two of the plays in Boston at the Wang Center for the Performing Arts' Shubert Theatre. I love the theatre and did not consider a refund, did not want to miss the scheduled plays but the question was, "how do you get into town." Boston is a mess, there is always construction, detours or heavy traffic so driving into Boston was out of the question.

Well it did not take to long before I received mail from the theatre giving me the option of going into town by a bus that would leave from the Beverly theatre and take me directly to the Shubert. My friend and I decided to take advantage of that service.

What an interesting experience that was! As we were driving though Boston we were trying to identify the street that we were on and my friend said to me, "I think this is Essex Street," My response was, "no, it can't be, I worked on that street for years and it is nothing like it. there is no deli, no wholesale houses, no coffee shop, just unfamiliar buildings. And then lo and behold there it was, "Dainty Dot Hosiery," that's where I worked, the building was still there, but empty. Riding through that area got me thinking, streets are like people, some change more then others.

Now about Camelot, as the playbill said, "this production will not be your grandparents" Camelot. It was entertaining, the lead singers were good but what I kept thinking while watching this production was, I would enjoy it more if it was done in the round. The Music Theatre does an outstanding job creating the mood of the play with very clever sets.

Now about the bus trip back to Beverly, you know how I have been writing about "experiences on buses", well the driver missed the exit that he needed to take to get us back, no big deal, it was only one exit!

The theatre will be completely renovated in November where I will be seeing "The Full Monty."

I'll drive.


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