Friday, November 04, 2005
Fortunately for me I live in a complex with a fairly large population. If you are looking for a good doctor, dentist, hairdresser, mechanic or dressmaker, you just start asking around and you will find someone who meets your needs.

A while ago I needed a dressmaker, and sure enough I was referred to one who not only does good work, but is reasonable and comes to the house. What a jewel!

Some of my clothes have gotten tight on me. I haven't gained weight but what I have has shifted. At first I thought the clothes were shrinking but now I have faced facts, it's not the dryer, it's me.

When I know that my dressmaker is coming, I get the clothes together that need alteration. Not only that, I get clothes together that are just taking up closet space, my dressmaker has a sister that is my size and is happy to take the extra clothes. I have done such a good job, I have loads of empty hangers.

In addition to making house calls, my dressmaker has worked for a tailor for the past nine years. This morning she told me that last Monday, when she was preparing to leave work for the day, her employer told her that he had sold the business and that her services were no longer needed!

What a cold and heartless way to let a loyal and hard working employee go. She is a married lady who's husband is gainfully employed, so money is not a problem, but how cruel of her employer to let her go like that.

I now have a lot of empty hangers and she has empty hours to fill.


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