Sunday, November 20, 2005
A few months ago North Shore Music Theatre had an electrical fire that did a great deal of damage to the theatre. Now with renovations complete I was able to attend the first production since the fire. They have eliminated 312 seats, now we have more space between seats and more leg room.

The play was "The Full Monty." I can't remember when I have ever laughed so much, it was one laugh after another. It's the story of six steel workers who lose their jobs and have to find a way to make some quick cash. They realize they can't make much working at the mall so they turn to stripping.

Before I saw the play I read an article about one of the cast members, George Dvorsky, who happens to be a favorite of mine. George is a tall handsome well built guy but for this role he felt he had to lose weight because after all it is "full monty: --in the shows finale they do bare all! If you looked away for a second you could miss it.

When the men were auditioning for strippers' roles they were stiff, awkward and hilarious. One of the cast members who tries out for a part in the show has a bad hip and dances in spite of it. That really had me in hysterics, I could relate to that.

The music was great, the sets were basic but effective, all in all it was a wonderful production.

The steel workers found a way to recover from their loses and the North Shore Theatre is back in business, ain't life grand!


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