Tuesday, December 27, 2005
When Wilma hit the Delray Beach area in Florida I was still up North, I looked for detailed news on the internet, TV and the newspapers. The reports told of severe damage to the area but it did not reveal how it affected the lives of the people who lived through it.

By the time I arrived, the electricity was restored, supermarkets were open and the phones were working. What I saw were porches blown off, shrubs and trees either gone or damaged, and the roof of the clubhouse was gone. Fortunately my place had minor damage.

Through word of mouth I did learn what had happened to some of the people who live here.

Heritage ParkRecently, the Sun-Sentinel had an in depth story about how the storm has effected the lives of many residents, After Wilma, many in damaged retirement communities find a new place to call home.

One 91 year old gentleman has lived in his home for the past 32 years but when the ceiling of his condo caved in, he had to vacate.

"Yet he was almost forcibly dragged by a case manager to a retirement center a few miles away."

"Repairs haven't even started on his apartment but when they're done, he isn't so sure he'll go back."

He, like others that relocated to the assisted living facility like eating in the dining room, like their new lifestyle where someone else takes care of life's basics and there are plenty of people their age.

What a life saver the assisted living facility is for these people, whether they decide to stay there permanently, or just use this time to pull themselves together.

Maybe something good with come out of Wilma, afterall.

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