Saturday, January 07, 2006
In my last post I mentioned that I had a flat tire, no big deal, it happens, but when it happens again in less then a week, it is a big deal!

When I got the first flat I called AAA and they found that I had a nail in the tire, suggested I take it to a service station and get a plug for the tire. It's a good thing I took care of it promptly because a few days later I had ANOTHER flat tire.

This is what happened, I was on my way to the club house to attend a Computer Club meeting that I had been looking forward to, when I noticed the car sounded funny. Fortunately I just had a short distance to travel. When I got to the club house I saw that I had a flat tire, different tire than the first one.

I did not want to miss the Computer Club meeting so I waited until the meeting was over, called AAA and Kirk came to my rescue again. You see I am building up a relationship with my savior.

This time it was a piece of porcelain! Off I went to the Service Center, fellow took a look and said that he could not get the piece out, tire needs a patch!

After I learned what a patch would cost decided to buy a new tire.

When I got back home took a look around and saw many pieces of porcelain in the area. I am now parking in a guest spot.

When the hurricane hit this area porches and the washer dryers that they housed were thrown onto the streets and the remains still need to be cleaned up. I did call maintenace to report the mess but apparently they have more pressing work to do.

Such is life in sunny Florida.

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