Wednesday, January 11, 2006
When I told my friends that I wanted to see King Kong they were not the least bit interested so I took myself off to see the movie one afternoon. There was a long line at the box office, most of the people were going to see Munich. There was only one other person at my movie

The first part of the movie takes place in New York city during the depression. I was pleasantly surprised to see Times Square, the old autos and the vaudville scenes. The background music was either a record by Al Jolson or a very good impersonator.

Jack Black plays the part of a struggling movie director who is desperately seeking thrills for his next movie. I couldn't take his roll seriously, keep thinking of him as a comic. By hook or crook he gets his ship, crew and cast together and off they go for the adventure of a lifetime. No screeming yet!!

Once they get on Skull Island the fun starts or should I say the screeming starts. I saw the original movie when I was about eight years old and do not remember such scarry screens. With modern technology, the special effects are sensational but I felt they went on too long.

To make a long story short, King Kong finally shows up, falls for Ann, rescues her from those horrible monsters and she realizes that she has nothing to fear, he's going to take care of her.

By this time most of the crew have died, the remaining members capture Kong and bring him back to the states.

You know the rest of the story. He escapes the theatre, climbs the Empire State Building and is shot down. Before he dies Ann is with him and you see the love in her eyes for the beast. I was so moved by that scene, there were tears in my eyes.

What a movie!!

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