Friday, January 27, 2006
A few weeks ago I attended a computer club meeting at my development in Delray Beach. My hope was to meet people who are bloggers and to learn more about the computer. Before the meeting started I approached the president, introduced myself and told him what I wanted to find out.

When he called the meeting to order he introduced me and asked the group of about sixty seniors if there were any bloggers present. - no response - He added - "see Millie after the meeting if you have any questions."

No interest - no questions.

I attended one computer club meeting last season and as I remeber it, this meeting had the same content: Where to buy cartridges at a low price, be careful when you buy a printer at a low price, the cartridge is not full etc. etc.

Next they talked about digital cameras, taking pictures, and keeping your photos in a file on the computer. I don't have a camera so that part of the program was not of interest to me.

That club is off my list.

Yesterday I attended a seminar at the Delray Beach Public Library entitled "Writing Your Blog." Six people attended. The only one that had a blog was the instructor who has been doing it for four months. She started out by telling the group about the difference between a website and a blog and what to consider when you blog.

It felt good to be able to contribute some things that I know about blogging. I could have said a lot more but I did not want to take away from the contributions of the leader and the class. If I see the instructor doing another class, I would go. I liked her.

I have already received a few e-mails from a couple of people from the class who are eager to set up a blog, and they are making progress!

Remember the movie, "Looking for Mr.Goodbar?" Diane Keaton's character, Theresa Dunn was looking for men in all the wrong places, I guess I'm looking for bloggers in all the wrong places too, but I will not give up the ship, and will keep looking for fellow bloggers.

I realize now how rare a senior blogger is!

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