Sunday, February 19, 2006
If you want to see a movie that makes you laugh, touches your heart, has clever dialogue, great acting, unusual story line that is based on the heroine's life, go see "Mrs Henderson Presents."

I have always appreciated whatever Judi Dench has done but this time I thought she was especially good as Mrs Henederson.

She delivered her comic lines to perfection and had me laughing out loud! I can not imagine anyone else taking on this role. She was Mrs. Henderson!!

Co-staring with her is Bob Hoskins as Vivian Van Damm, the impresario. The chemistry between the two is something to behold and when they danced together, oh my, you just have to see it for yourself!

Last weekend I saw Brokeback Mountain and walked out of the movie feeling very sad.

Last night I saw "Mrs. Henderson Presents" and am still thinking about the outstanding performances and how great the movie made me feel!

I'd love to hear from the lucky people who get see this movie.

This is perfect finding a very good movie because it was so funny and at the same time if that's related to heroine's life so much better.
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