Sunday, February 26, 2006
This past week was a busy one and this coming week will be very busy too so I just wanted to say hi to keep in touch.

Tonight - Cousin Marty's 80th birthday party. Everyone has to write a poem. Here's mine:
A birthday poem for Marty:

M is for the MENSCH that you are

A is because you are ALWAYS in my heart, near or far

R is because you are RELIABLE in every way

T is for my THANK YOU'S for yesterday and today

Y is for your YOUTHFUL SPIRIT, how you love to play!, even though you are 80 today

Put them all together and they spell MARTY - a special person.
The joy you give away just naturally returns to you especially today.

Happy Birthday, Marty
Tomorrow - I will be spending the day in Ft. Lauderdale, sightseeing, having lunch and visiting the King Tut exhibit.

Tuesday - Lots of errands

Wednesday - Having lunch with some out of town guests

Thursday - Mah Jongg

Friday-- Lunch with friends from back home (about 15 of us)

Saturday - Dinner and a movie

Sunday - No plans yet! Thank goodness!!

Time flies when you are having fun!!

Im surprised on how fast this world is becoming, everything seems to be an old memory of what we did.
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