Thursday, April 27, 2006
Imagine this: I don't have much to write about today so I will just write a little about a few things.

First off, I made a discovery in Florida. My friends told me about a particular shoe store that specializes in shoes for people with "distressed feet." Here in the north the stores carry beautiful high stlye shoes with high heels. How they wear them, I'll never know!!

In Florida the ladies are more realistic and wear shoes that they can walk in. Forget the beauty. I gave up high heels years ago and have been wearing Aerosoles and sneakers for years. This winter I found that when I walked for any length of time my feet hurt. When I mentioned my problem to my friends they told me about this great store that caters to people that have problems finding the right shoe.

Well the first thing the shoe salesman did was MEASURE my foot! I have been wearing an 8M for years and now I measure an 8 1/2 W. Apparently NOTHING stays the same, as we age the hair gets thinner, we gain weight, get wrinkles, we need stronger lenses for the eyes and the FEET GET BIGGER.

I know a lot about the changes that take place as we age but did not realize that the feet get into the act too.!

When I first got down to Florida I started to go to the local library, found some good books, checked them out and before I knew it, my time was up, returned them, took out other books and found the same thing happened again. After a while I realized I was never going to get to read any of them so I gave up .

Now that I am back home, the pace is a lot slower so I will have time to do some reading. I attend a book club conducted by the local librarian who comes to my development once a month. No sooner did I arrive home when I found out that "the girls" are reading "One Thousand White Women" by Jim Fergus I got a copy and can't put it down. It's a most unusual story about a white woman who goes out west in 1876 and marries the chief of the Cheyenne nation.

What a great movie it would make. If any of you read it, let me know who you would cast in the major roles.

It's time to prepare my evening meal but I'm going to read another chapter or two.

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