Friday, May 12, 2006
Today has been a rainy day, a perfect day to go through some old photographs in anticipation of a very exciting collage workshop that will take place in a few weeks here at my development. This workshop is being offered to the community by NORC, "Naturally Occuring Retirment Community" and is supported by The Cora and John Davis Foundation & New England Baptist Hospital.

These classes will be conducted by Ruth Abrams who is an award-winning film producer, an artist, and the producer of ElderVision. To quote Ruth,
"This is an opportunity to reflect on our lives and our loved ones. We will elicit recollections and acknowledge the values of past memories, deep relationships and life experiences."
We have been requested to bring in photograhs and other mementos to the first class. I have many more albums to go through, so far I have pulled out pictures of my parents, Steve when he was a youngster and some more recent pictures. It's a good thing that I started doing this today as I can see that I will have to zero in on just what I want to emphasis.

These classes tie in so perfectly with what I do as a blogger. When I think back at what my posts consist of, they are mainly about what is happening in my life today.

Occasionally I make a post about something from my childhood, as I did recently, and find there is a great deal of interest.

The first three hour class will be held on May 23. I can hardly wait!!

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